Re-engage users that fell off your Sign Up Flow
Re-engage users that fell off your Sign Up Flow
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Re-engage users that fell off your Sign Up Flow

Many of your potential customers never make it through the sign up flow. Re-engage them through an email sequence in Marketo as soon as they fall out of your funnel. (0-7 days) after sign up.

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How it Works


Re-engage potential customers that did not complete your sign up flow fast to help them get to the other side.

How you do it

  1. Setup your Data Warehouse as a Source in GrowthLoop
  2. Setup your customers table from Data Warehouse
  3. Activate Marketo as a destination
  4. Create an audience in GrowthLoop
  5. Select customers that have signed up in the last 48 hours
  6. Select customers that have not completed their account
  7. Export to Marketo
  8. Navigate to Marketo Smart Lists to view your customer segment.
  9. Your audience will continue to load to Marketo every day with updates.
  10. Create a Marketo email sequence to remind users to complete their account. We recommend providing an easy way to phone or email customer support in this email sequence.
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