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Our Values

Who Are We?

While working at Google, GrowthLoop co-founders Chris Sell and David Joosten often found themselves dealing with the common challenge of accessing customer data for marketing purposes. Gathering the data took intensive amounts of time and effort, and required several back-and-forths with technical teams.

Through these challenges, the idea of GrowthLoop was born. In starting the company, Chris and David established the mission of democratizing cloud data and turning data warehouses into growth engines. What began as a bootstrapped startup has grown into an investor-backed company helping enterprises leverage their first-party data.

Some of the Incredible Companies We Work With

GrowthLoop is incredibly proud of the difference we’ve been able to make for so many impressive companies. Some of the enterprises we are proud to call customers include:

Client Logo Indeed
Google logo
Mercari Logo
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Core Values

GrowthLoop is powered by values that promote personal and professional development for all. Some of our values include:


Our CEOs are not untouchable figures that you never see. We value purposeful transparency so that every team member is aligned with the same important goals. Leadership keeps an open line of communication, making sure everyone understands company decisions and can provide input.


We encourage all of our team members to push the envelope and challenge their minds. We’re hungry for growth and improvement, and we empower everyone on our team to achieve these things for themselves. We provide a fluid working environment, where many team members shift to different parts of the organization over time.

Lifelong Learning

Working with new people and new projects helps everyone sharpen their skills. We value lifelong learning, and love team members who are just as eager to continue to grow professionally and personally. From CEOs to new team members, we aim to embody a learner’s mindset.


We want everyone in our work environment to feel supported and encouraged. Kindness and empathy are vital for how we operate. Choosing our team means choosing one that understands you’re a person, not a robot.


Technology can throw curveballs at us, but we focus on taking a pragmatic approach. We work together to find the best way to get the job done and to improve all of the systems we work with. Keeping it simple has been the key, and we help our team members find the balance between innovation and simplicity.


At GrowthLoop, we want to create an environment where you can build a long-term career. Some of the benefits we offer include:

Competitive Salary

Remote-friendly environment

Flexible PTO

401(k) matching for US employees

Healthcare Coverage for all employees

Learning and development opportunities and stipend

Monthly Recharge days

Enjoy the work, together

Connections empower us to do our best work and be our best selves. We know how important it is to enjoy your work environment (not just the work you do). That’s why we offer several opportunities for team building, rest, and fun!

Quarterly Hackathons

Let’s face it, a lot of us tech workers are a bit nerdy at heart. During our hackathons, we get a chance to share new tech, pitch our ideas, and build some proof of concept. Some of our greatest product features were born from hackathons.

World’s Fair

The weekly World’s Fair is a chance to share important updates, show off your front-end, back-end, or data engineering demo. Not quite ready? No problem, we love to share and give each other feedback even on unpolished demos.

High Fives

Celebrating each other’s accomplishments and contributions is a natural point of connection here at GrowthLoop. High Fives are shared during the weekly World’s Fair to encourage public praise and team work.

Recharge Days

Enjoy monthly recharge days. Unplug your mind and do something you enjoy!

Our Values

Why Join the GrowthLoop Team

Joining our team will help you grow professionally, but that’s not the only reason to do so. While we certainly want to help all of our teammates continue lifelong learning and development, we also want to create an environment they love.

Choosing to join the GrowthLoop family means you join a team that wants you to enjoy life outside of work while also challenging yourself professionally. We provide an environment that allows you to recharge, refuel, and maximize your innovation.

Team CultureNY OfficeLauren and Sunny

Current Opportunities

We’re ready to help you reach your full potential! We have several open positions available remotely as well as in our Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and Toronto offices.

Check out our current openings below: