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About GrowthLoop

The Composable CDP that empowers marketers to build segments in a unified audience layer, orchestrate journeys across channels, and measure results directly on their Data Cloud.

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What We Do

The data cloud standardized enterprise data collection and storage. Formerly, first-party customer data was locked away and only accessible to technical teams. Our mission is to enable marketing teams to access customer data in the data warehouse and transform their data warehouses into enterprise growth engines.

Our Values

Key Features

GrowthLoop enables first-party customer data activation from your Modern Data Stack to your key destinations. The features that set our enterprise platform apart include:

No Code Required

Activate first-party data quickly without any SQL or coding required. Marketers self-serve to create cross-channel audiences on GrowthLoop Audience Builder, significantly reducing time to launch and democratizing the ability to innovate.

Intelligent Customer Segments

Create intelligent customer segments for personalized campaigns and a better customer experience. GrowthLoop recommends audience segments based on machine learning and the data models you provide, allowing technical teams to continue innovating with the tools they love.

Measure Revenue Lift

One simple dashboard to view your incremental lift on key metrics for each customer audience.

Generative and Adaptive Capabilities

Generate results with intelligent audience segments, single-channel campaigns, and targeted cross-channel campaigns. From there, adapt your strategies through comprehensive measurement across all your channels in a single interface.

Data Warehouse Integration

Unleash the power of your data warehouse with the help of GrowthLoop. Build and activate customer segments directly from your data warehouse.

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How We Started

Chris Sell and David Joosten met while working at Google. There, they experienced the first-hand struggle of accessing customer data for marketing use. Getting the data they needed took months of back-and-forth requests with technical teams.

The typical solution was to hire more people to write SQL queries, but this approach was incredibly inefficient, expensive and time-consuming. These delays left revenue opportunities on the table waiting for data. Chris and David knew there had to be a better way.

They wanted to empower non-technical business teams to activate customer data directly to marketing, sales, and customer service destinations. That’s why they started GrowthLoop, a Composable CDP (customer data platform) disrupter for customer data activation.

Data Warehouses
Our Values

The Jordan Company Partnership

In May 2022, GrowthLoop (Flywheel Software) announced its growth equity investment from The Jordan Company. The Jordan Company (TJC) has over 40 years of experience helping management teams with strategic growth initiatives in the technology, logistics & supply chain, consumer, healthcare, and utility industries. Along with their investment, they bring a wealth of valuable guidance to accelerate the growth and development of GrowthLoop. Both the TJC and GrowthLoop teams are excited about the partnership and look forward to helping enterprises drive revenue growth through data activation.

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Who We’ve Helped

When you choose GrowthLoop, you’ll be in great hands. As disruptive industry leaders, we’ve already powered growth for several innovative companies. Some of our notable clients include Google, NASCAR, Indeed, and Mercari.

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Join Our Team

GrowthLoop was founded by former Googlers to democratize access to customer data. Our dynamic team understands the challenges of building a great company, and we focus on daily improvement to meet those challenges head-on.

We have remote teams as well as offices in Chicago and New York, and we’re looking for new team members.

Why consider GrowthLoop?

  • Work with an agile tech startup that’s growing fast.
  • An opportunity to drive visible business value for enterprise clients.
  • Grow your hands-on skills while working directly with industry-leading cloud technologies.
  • Competitive salary and benefits.
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Elevate marketing today with GrowthLoop’s Composable CDP, powered by your Data Cloud

GrowthLoop is here to help you leverage the data you’ve built in your warehouse. Our no-code platform is the simplest way to drive revenue with your data.

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