Create an optimized acquisition campaign to grow accounts
Create an optimized acquisition campaign to grow accounts
Paid advertising

Create an optimized acquisition campaign to grow accounts

Create ads that target new potential customers and optimize your ad spend by using a list of existing account holders as a suppression list.

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Create an optimized acquisition campaign to grow accounts

Create ads that target new potential customers and optimize your ad spend by using a list of existing account holders as a suppression list.

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Why implement this use case?

  • Optimizing your ad spend requires targeting only individuals who are likely to become new customers. By creating a suppression list of existing customers, you can ensure you’re not wasting ad dollars on individuals who have already converted, improving your return on ad spend (ROAS) and customer acquisition cost (CAC).
  • Accidentally sending ads to existing customers may annoy them and diminish your brand’s reputation. It may also give customers the perception that you mismanage your customer data, which is especially harmful for a financial institution. Ultimately, this can affect customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue. 
  • Suppressing existing customers from an ad campaign can help overall campaign reporting accuracy, as you don’t have engaged customers skewing results. With more accurate reporting, you’ll be able to intelligently optimize future campaigns to further improve ROAS and CAC.

Goal of this use case

Improve your ROAS and CAC by creating ad audiences that don’t contain individuals who have already converted to customers.

Tools and platforms you need


Data Source

Data source, such as a cloud data warehouse like BigQuery, Snowflake, or Redshift.


Data Activation

Data activation tool, such as a composable CDP (like GrowthLoop).


Ad Platform Destination

Ad platform destination, such as Google Ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Bing ads, etc.

Data sources you need

List the data sources needed for this particular use case (such as ticket purchases, memberships, etc.)

Customer profiles

How to set up this use case in GrowthLoop

Step 1

Set up your data warehouse as a source in GrowthLoop. 

Step 2

Create your customer table in your data warehouse and ensure it includes fields for claim history and account types. Learn more about preparing customer data for GrowthLoop.

Step 3

Activate your paid advertising tool (Google Ads, Facebook, etc.) as a destination.

Step 4

Create an audience in GrowthLoop. Make sure to include a filter for active customers. 

You can also use the AI-powered audience builder tool to describe the audience in detail. For example: “Create an audience of active customers.” 

Step 5

Once you’re satisfied with the audience, click export audience.

Step 6

In the Create Export view, search for your destination and click select.

Step 7

You can double-check a successful export to your destination by navigating to your audience viewer Exports tab within your GrowthLoop app to view the activity tracker and make any scheduling changes you may need.

Step 8

Log into your paid advertising platform and navigate to your audiences to confirm that this audience was received and populated. Some platforms can take up to 48 hours to populate an audience.

Step 9

Create and launch a paid advertising campaign promoting your account services or a special offer for new customers. Use this GrowthLoop audience as a suppression, or exclusion, list for this campaign.

Step 10

Use your paid advertising platform to measure the success through platform metrics like CPM and click-through rates.

Step 11

Use GrowthLoop to measure the success of the campaign on key end results like revenue and determine what adjustments you can make to future campaigns to increase revenue and ROAS.

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