Retarget churned customers in BigQuery with Google Ads
Retarget churned customers in BigQuery with Google Ads

Retarget churned customers in BigQuery with Google Ads

Send customer lists from BigQuery to Google Ads to retarget customers in Search, Youtube, Gmail, and Display Ads on Google.

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How it Works


You are looking to retarget churned customers with Google Ads to win them back. When they go to Google Search, Youtube, or browse the web you'd like to re-engage them.

How you do it

  1. Setup your Data Warehouse as a Source in GrowthLoop
  2. Setup your customers table from Data Warehouse
  3. Activate Google AdWords as a destination
  4. Select customers in the Audience Builder that have not purchased in the past 90 days
  5. Export to Google Ads
  6. Navigate to Google Ads Audience Manager. Your audience will take 24-48 hours to fully populate.
  7. Your audience will continue to load to Google Ads every day with updates.
  8. Create a Google Ads campaign and leverage your new Google Ads Customer Match audience for the targeting.
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