Secure and private.
By design.

We are committed to security and focused on keeping your data safe. GrowthLoop was built with industry-leading standards and best practices at its core.

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SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant

GrowthLoop is SOC2 Type 2 certified and we will continue to maintain and be audited by third-party auditors yearly.

Secure Architecture

The GrowthLoop platform was designed from the very beginning to work off your data warehouse where your data should live. Meaning, we avoid fetching or storing any of your data in our platform.

Encryption in Transit & Rest

All external and internal communication is encrypted by default using the latest TLS version.

Bring your own key

GrowthLoop supports bring your own encryption key support for our enterprise clients.

DevSecOps first

Our development process is built with industry-leading DevOps practices with automated vulnerability scans, package dependency scanning, and many more checks.

Penetration testing

Our team maintains the highest level of security by doing yearly penetration tests by third-party auditors.

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Secure Architecture

GrowthLoop works directly on top of your warehouse so your data never has to leave your system. We believe that companies should have control of their compliance and data without having to sync their data to a third-party.

All of our cloud providers are SOC 2 Compliant

In addition to being SOC 2 Compliant, we use AWS, GCP, and Snowflake, and host our servers in the US and ensure all of our cloud providers are SOC 2 certified. These providers are dedicated to ensuring their data centers are secure.

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GrowthLoop is HIPAA Compliant

We understand the importance of data security in Healthcare and other industries that handle PHI. GrowthLoop maintains the highest standards of privacy to ensure your data remains secure.

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