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Taking the Stage: GrowthLoop's Highlights from Google Cloud Next '23

Join us in looking back at GrowthLoop's presence at Google Cloud Next '23.

Alison Sperling

Alison Sperling

Today, we are pleased to take a moment to highlight our accomplishments at the recent Google Cloud Next 2023 event. Earlier in the summer, we announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud, and this conference provided a platform for GrowthLoop to demonstrate our dedication to progress and achievement through several significant milestones. We were proud to be a sponsor of the conference for the first time.

GrowthLoop’s co-Founder and Co-CEO, Chris Sell, joined an insightful speaking session, featuring valued customers and partners from Boston Red Sox, Tripadvisor, Typeface, and Google Cloud. 

Additionally, we introduced two groundbreaking products in line with our commitment to enabling marketing success for businesses around the world.

Let's revisit the key moments of Google Cloud Next ‘23 with GrowthLoop. 

GenAI Marketing Solution from Typeface, GrowthLoop, and Google Cloud

At Google Cloud Next '23, Typeface announced a game-changing solution in collaboration with GrowthLoop and Google Cloud. This innovation leverages generative AI to create personalized campaigns at scale, reshaping the campaign creation landscape.

Key Features of the Solution Include:

  • Unified customer data access in BigQuery
  • Intuitive audience definition with GrowthLoop
  • Tailored cross-channel content creation
  • Efficient orchestration and performance measurement

This launch streamlines campaign creation, accelerates content delivery, and ensures brand consistency. Expect amplified engagement, efficiency gains, and a new era of AI-powered marketing.

Red Sox and Tripadvisor on Generative AI Solution

In the whirlwind of modern business, marketing teams have found themselves navigating the ever-quickening currents of content creation. The demand for engaging, tailor-made content to fuel results has surged, compelling marketers to meet this challenge head-on, and at an unprecedented pace. Enter the realm of AI-driven possibilities, a landscape where BigQuery and AI converge, offering a remedy to this industry-wide pressure.

Our enlightening speaking session, a standout moment at Google Cloud Next, delved into this transformative journey. The spotlight was cast on the dynamic partnership between AI prowess, embodied by Google Cloud, GrowthLoop, and Typeface, and the art of fostering innovative campaigns that break the mold. The result? A seismic shift in the pace and efficacy of campaign execution.

GrowthLoop co-Founder and co-CEO Chris Sell on stage with Vishal Sood, Brian Shield, and Rahul Todkar.

The panel discussion unfolded with a treasure trove of insights. Attendees heard from leaders at the Boston Red Sox and Tripadvisor, two giants in their domains, on how they are looking at harnessing generative AI to increase engagement with fans and customers using this innovative solution. Being able to utilize the organization’s universal data layer to drive personalization efforts with audience targeting and content creation, and scale those efforts with GenAI is really exciting. It's not just about campaigns; it's about supercharging growth, an imperative that spans the entire customer lifecycle.

As we look back on this session, it's clear that AI-powered innovation is not just a futuristic dream but a reality that is propelling businesses into a new era of marketing. The Boston Red Sox and Tripadvisor stand as testament to the tangible impact of this solution, igniting growth and sparking resonance across diverse audiences. This session served as a bridge to the future, one where creativity and technology unite to propel marketing campaigns into uncharted territories.

GrowthLoop’s Presence on the Show Floor

As part of our sponsorship of the event, we had a GrowthLoop booth staffed by 14 members of our team. Our team members had conversations with leaders from various industries, sharing how the data cloud can supercharge their marketing efforts. At both the GrowthLoop booth and in demo spaces provided by Google Cloud, we gave demos of our solutions–especially our newest launch with Typeface and Google Cloud, which enables marketers to harness the power of generative AI to segment audiences with natural language and automatically generate creative for marketing campaigns. We were proud to share this interview with our co-Founder and co-CEO Chris Sell that was produced by the Google Cloud team. As attendees stopped by our booth, our team stamped the GrowthLoop section on their GenAI Partner Passports, getting them one step closer to winning a raffle at the show.

Ingest, Model, Activate and Measure in 24 hours with Easy Button

In a groundbreaking collaboration, GrowthLoop and Google Cloud unveiled Easy Button, presenting an end-to-end paradigm for marketers that reshapes the way campaigns are conceived and executed. Here's a glimpse of its transformative capabilities:

  • Data Ingestion: Seamlessly connect diverse marketing data sources such as web and mobile data, Google Ads, and Salesforce. Effortlessly automate data ingestion into BigQuery for streamlined processing.
  • Data Modeling: Elevate data modeling for key sources like Salesforce and SAP by deploying the prowess of Google Cloud Cortex Framework's packaged data modeling content from GrowthLoop. A seamless and efficient data transformation process.
  • Segmentation: With a direct link between GrowthLoop and BigQuery, constructing audiences becomes a breeze. Leverage a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface or embrace natural language for audience creation. Vertex AI capabilities and Marve combine seamlessly for powerful results.
  • Activation: Effortlessly synchronize customer segments across your marketing tools for email, SMS, push notifications, and paid media. Run campaigns that cover onboarding, upselling, cross-selling, and winback. Shape customer journeys seamlessly using GrowthLoop's intuitive journey builder.
  • Measurement: Assess campaign efficacy with Looker's data visualization, gaining insights into success and areas for refinement.

GrowthLoop Easy Button is a gateway to marketing efficiency and effectiveness, uniting GrowthLoop and Google Cloud to streamline your campaigns and redefine your approach to marketing excellence.

GrowthLoop is now Designated as Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery!

On the first day of Google Cloud Next ‘23, we announced that GrowthLoop has successfully achieved Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery Designation. By attaining the Google Cloud Ready designation, GrowthLoop has unequivocally demonstrated that our products meet the stringent functional and interoperability requirements when integrated with BigQuery. This accomplishment translates to more than a label – it signifies our dedication to empowering customers with solutions that align seamlessly with their needs and expectations.

GrowthLoop Chief Data Strategy Officer, Anthony Rotio, shared the news of our Google Cloud Ready designation on LinkedIn.

This designation is a testament to the meticulous efforts invested in ensuring that GrowthLoop products not only work seamlessly with BigQuery but elevate your experience and outcomes. It simplifies your journey by eliminating uncertainty and offering the confidence that the GrowthLoop products you trust are fully optimized for integration with BigQuery.

Additionally, this achievement opens doors to enhanced collaboration opportunities with Google Cloud partner engineering and BigQuery teams. The horizon of innovation broadens as we work hand-in-hand to develop joint roadmaps that will shape the future of technology integration.

What’s Next for GrowthLoop

Thank you to everyone who made all of these tremendous wins possible–our team, our partners, and most importantly our customers. We will continue to innovate and expand the possibilities for marketing teams and their organizations to grow through the power of data activation and robust measurement.

If you’re interested in learning more about our solutions, contact our sales team for a demo.

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