Unlock Data-Informed Marketing

Compile Customer Profiles 

Start using customer data for marketing efforts from a unified source effortlessly without technical expertise.

Build Audiences with Ease

Say goodbye to the old days of CSV exports and dependence on your data team for audience lists. With all of your customer data in BigQuery, you now easily access it to build audience segments with a user-friendly interface designed for marketers.

Orchestrate Cross-Channel Campaigns

Easily create and launch personalized campaigns across your existing marketing tools using a simple drag and drop interface.

Measure and Visualize Results

Build your own feedback loop and unlock new opportunities for experimentation across campaigns. Analyze the outcomes of your campaigns and generate data visualizations in Looker to facilitate evaluation for your entire team.

Access Generative Capabilities

Harness the power of Generative Marketing on 100% of your customer data. Collaborate with the GrowthLoop AI and receive suggestions for audience segments and cross-channel journeys based on your goals.

How it Works



Bring your customer data to the cloud with a single click.



Google Cloud Cortex Framework's models your data for activation across channels.



Build audiences and launch personalized customer journeys across channels.

Benefits for Teams

Bridge the Data Gap

Close the divide between customer insights and marketing campaigns in an intuitive and user-friendly visual interface.

Unlock Generative AI for your Marketing

Using your data in BigQuery, generate audiences with Marve, a natural language audience builder.

Time to Value in Just Hours

Skip long implementation times, create a unified view of your customers, and begin activating that data across channels faster than ever before.

Keep Data Teams in the Loop

Data teams have full auditability from raw source data, intermediary tables, and audience membership, all within your BigQuery instance.

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Make the Most of your First-Party Data

GrowthLoop is here to streamline your data-driven marketing strategies by accelerating data activation.

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