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The easiest way to create customer segments on BigQuery

Build customer segments on BigQuery and use them everywhere, no SQL required.

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Data Warehouse sending data to Marketing Platforms
GrowthLoop self serve web interface

Create customer segments with no SQL required

Now any team can build customer lists in your data warehouse for sales and marketing campaigns in minutes, no SQL required.

  • Visual Audience Builder
    Visual Audience Builder
  • SQL Audience Builder
    SQL Audience Builder
  • Share Audiences
    Share Audiences
  • Audience Templates
    Audience Templates
  • Approvals and Governance
    Approvals & Governance
Flywheel sends data to marketing platforms

Supercharge your favorite tools with customer audiences

You love your marketing & sales tools. We make them work even better with customer data from your Data Warehouse.

  • Create customer segments
    Create customer audiences in one place
  • Sync to all your favorite marketing tools
    Sync to all your favorite marketing tools
  • See revenue lift across channels
    See revenue lift across channels
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Safe and Secure
In your Cloud

Launched directly on BigQuery, Redshift, or Snowflake, so your customer data always stays exactly where it should be.

Customer data stays in your cloud
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Companies amplify their growth when they work with GrowthLoop

Companies that want to speak to their customers intelligently and
drive more revenue work with GrowthLoop to launch campaigns across channels faster.

“Being able to measure what you’re doing — that results-based orientation — is key. The thing that I like most about GrowthLoop is that you brought a really fundamental way of thinking which was very feedback-based and open to experimenting but within reason. With other products, that feedback loop isn’t so built in that it’s very easy to get lost.”

Masumi Nakamura, VP of Engineering at Mercari

“GrowthLoop's dedicated customer team handled all the heavy lifting to ensure a quick time to value.”

Braden Moore, VP Data & Analytics, Philadelphia 76ers

“We went from spending all of our time answering data requests to a self-service model with scalable data democratization via GrowthLoop, which allows our team to be more proactive vs reactive,”

Jon Hay, Vice President Data, Intelligence & Analytics, Boston Red Sox

“As Fenway Sports Group continues to evolve, we see our data prowess and the extensible architecture we’ve built with GrowthLoop as an asset that new FSG Media & Entertainment properties can tap into to support their growth and evolution.”

Brian Shield, CTO | SVP, Fenway Sports Group

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Supercharge your favorite marketing and sales tools with intelligent customer audiences built in BigQuery, Snowflake, or Redshift.

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