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Simplify Teamwork: Introducing Tags for Seamless Project Organization in Enterprise Environments‍

We are excited to unveil our newest feature: Tags. With Tags, we bring a groundbreaking change to how larger teams can effectively organize audiences within our platform.

Rokham Fard

Rokham Fard

Large enterprise teams often face a significant pain point when it comes to organizing multiple campaigns or audiences across their projects. With team members working on numerous projects simultaneously, the way projects are named and searched for can vary greatly. This diversity in naming conventions and search methods creates a challenge for team members to have quick and efficient access to the right project.

At GrowthLoop, we understand the importance of reducing friction in the daily workflow of these teams, especially when they are juggling multiple projects. We recognize the value of saving users' time and effort in their day-to-day tasks. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our latest feature: Tags. By implementing this powerful feature, we aim to alleviate the pain points faced by large teams, enabling them to access their projects swiftly and seamlessly.

Unveiling the Potential of Tags

Tags revolutionize the way larger teams can organize audiences within our platform, making the entire process more intuitive and streamlined than ever before. By enabling teams to assign specific tags to audiences, our new feature empowers them to categorize and track their initiatives with ease, regardless of their scale or complexity.

No more sifting through endless lists or grappling with manual organization methods. Tags offer a centralized and efficient solution, allowing teams to quickly locate and navigate their projects, saving precious time and effort.

Whether it's identifying priority campaigns, tracking progress on high-profile initiatives, or simply keeping a finger on the pulse of various projects, Tags provide the ultimate flexibility to adapt to the unique requirements of every team.

Harnessing the Potential of Tags for Team Success

We take immense pride in the achievements of our clients, some of whom boast teams of 50+, 100+, and even 300+ users, all fueling remarkable growth through the unrivaled power of GrowthLoop. As we marvel at the scale of these teams, we also acknowledge the significant volume of audiences and customer journeys being crafted to support growth goals.

Some of the ways you can use tags:

  • Separate test Audiences from live Audiences
  • Organize and Identify Audiences that contain PII data 
  • Bucket Audiences based on which stage of the sales funnel they’re in 
  • When you’re running seasonal campaigns (eg, Summer 2023) and you’d like to quickly refer back to your results down the road
  • Filter Audiences between B2B and B2C customers

Setting up Tags

To set up a Tag on an audience, simply navigate to the Audience page. From there, you will see a dropdown list labeled Tags. If you already have one created, you may select it, or you can create a new tag. These will now show in the left-hand Audiences dropdown for easy navigation.

Now, every time you open GrowthLoop, you’ll be able to sort by each of your tags for streamlined work across your entire organization.

The Inspiration Behind the Creation of Tags

We believe that harnessing the power of the data cloud should be accessible and intuitive for everyone. With Tags, larger teams can now experience a more hands-on and user-friendly platform that empowers them to stay organized and focus on what they do best – driving exceptional results.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey of enhanced organization and collaboration. Discover the power of Tags on GrowthLoop, and unlock new levels of efficiency for your team today.

Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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