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Easy Button: Ingest and activate data, measure results

Introducing our latest innovation in martech, Easy Button. Ingest data from your trusted marketing sources, activate it across channels, and measure the results–all in a single day.

Chris Sell

Chris Sell

Each year, Google Cloud brings together leaders, innovators, and users at their conference Google Cloud Next to unveil new product developments and innovations transforming the way businesses operate and grow. Google Cloud Next 2023 proved to be consistent with this tradition. Among the discussed topics, the spotlight was on AI. The event featured a keynote by Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian, centering on the cutting-edge achievements in artificial intelligence and strategies for using Generative AI in enterprise.

Google leaders, customers, and partners shared breakthroughs in innovation through the combined power of the data cloud and AI, unlocking workflow optimization opportunities, advancements in marketing and advertising, and more. 

Back to work after Google Cloud Next

Picture this: You’re a marketer who is back at work after attending Google Cloud Next ‘23, daydreaming about the explosive potential of AI. You’ve seen the real-life applications and the outcomes for other marketing teams, generating audiences straight from a natural language campaign brief, launching personalized, branded creative with the click of a button. You want to take advantage of the data cloud, but maybe you’re having trouble getting buy-in from the rest of your team or your organization has already invested in the data cloud but the marketing team is still operating in channel-specific platforms or a CDP.

Previously, this would have been a challenge. Implementing new martech tools can be difficult, time-consuming, and can interrupt marketing workflows. Now, thanks to GrowthLoop Easy Button, you can begin harnessing the power of generative AI – all in less than 24 hours.

Introducing Easy Button

Today, we launched GrowthLoop Easy Button, a brand-new solution that enables you to take advantage of the benefits of the data cloud for marketing even if you don’t have data in the cloud.

For years, GrowthLoop has partnered with organizations that already have their customer data in a cloud data warehouse like Google Cloud. We have also partnered with businesses that had begun investing in the data cloud that needed support organizing that data to be useful for marketing teams. This still left a tremendous gap: marketing teams who were operating off of fragmented data in siloed marketing tools (even CDPs).

We’re thrilled to be closing this gap with Easy Button–both in the market and for customers who are now just a few clicks away from activating all of their customer data from a single source of truth.

How it works

With your organization set up in GrowthLoop, you can then select the marketing sources you want to connect to BigQuery. From these sources, you can ingest data like contacts, transactions, email engagements, mobile app events, website events,sales activities, customer service interactions, and more.

Upon ingestion into BigQuery, the Google Cloud Cortex Framework gets to work organizing and modeling data from each of your marketing sources into a consistent framework that can be used for destinations (marketing channels) like Google Ads and Salesforce.

From there, once you receive an email that your ingestion is complete, you’re now ready to start building your audiences–either from scratch or using Marve, a natural language audience builder powered by generative AI.

Explore real-time insights from your audiences within GrowthLoop dashboards like audience size and total revenue touch for any given audience. Run A/B tests with the treatment and control slider–and see how different audience splits impact the revenue touch.

Next, you’re ready to begin activating your newly built audience. You can either create a single-channel campaign, but we recommend sending your new audience through a comprehensive cross-channel journey using Maestro. With a user-friendly drag and drop interface, Maestro enables you to streamline timely marketing campaigns across your marketing channels for any audience you build in GrowthLoop.

Once your campaigns have concluded, begin your new cycle of experimentation. With beautiful dashboards provided by Looker, you and your team can draw conclusions more accurately and rapidly–preparing you for more successful campaigns in the future.

How Easy Button unlocks success for teams

With a new world of marketing possibility unlocked, you and your team can begin activating right away:

Launch a B2B Salesforce nurture stream

  • Ingest Salesforce data to put contacts into a relevant nurture stream based on notes in their customer record. Whether they aren’t yet ready to buy or they are currently using a competitor's solution, you can make sure the right message goes to the right contact.

Upsell season tickets to Sports fans

  • Ingest ticket information from non-sports events at the stadium and target those customers with a cross-channel campaign to purchase game tickets and return for a game.

Cross Sell Retail customers to new categories

  • Ingest mobile app and web events, and target customers that have only purchased but have been searching actively within a new category like “Electronics” to feature the latest offers in that category to drive a second purchase.

Deliver a Churn winback campaign to non-spenders 

  • One of the biggest growth levers for retailers is winning back their prior customers. An example of an audience are customers that purchased on Black Friday last year but haven’t made a purchase since then. A winback email campaign to these customers a few weeks ahead of Black Friday this year could include an exclusive 20% discount to drive sales.

How to get started

If you’re interested in getting started with data activation on the cloud in less than 24 hours with Easy Button, contact our team for more information.

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