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Easy Button: Faster insights and value with Google Cloud

GrowthLoop Easy Button Revolutionizes Customer Data Platform Setup, Partners with Google Cloud for Rapid Insights, and Value Delivery, Cutting Setup Time

Chris Sell

Chris Sell

NEW YORK, Sept. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, GrowthLoop announced the launch of a quick start solution with Google Cloud, which accelerates Customer Data Platform insights and value with BigQuery. With the launch of the Easy Button quick start solution marketers can deploy and unlock the capability to segment customers and orchestrate journeys across their marketing channels within hours instead of months.

Marketing teams often face significant challenges when it comes to accessing and utilizing data effectively. Marketers may not always possess the necessary technical capabilities to fully access the data cloud, limiting their ability to leverage the power of predictive models and generative AI capabilities in their marketing campaigns. By leveraging Google Cloud, GrowthLoop is making it easier than ever before for CMOs to unlock the power of data and AI for their teams.

Easy Button combines the power of GrowthLoop and Google Cloud’s BigQuery, Cortex Framework, Vertex AI and Looker to create a solution that bridges the long-standing gap between marketers, the tools they use, and the data they need to drive growth. This solution opens up a world of possibilities for teams to harness the power of cloud for more pinpointed targeting, and even to generate content for every user at the individual level.

With Easy Button, marketers who have previously been unable to access their organization’s first party data can automatically ingest and model customer data, build highly targeted audiences, launch personalized customer journeys, and evaluate the success of campaigns in just hours.

The Easy Button solution from GrowthLoop and Google Cloud unlocks end-to-end functionality for marketers, including:

  • Data Ingestion: Select which marketing data sources to connect to (like web and mobile data, Google Ads, and Salesforce) via Easy Button integration with GrowthLoop, and automate data ingestion to BigQuery.
  • Data Modeling: Next, accelerate data modeling for strategic data sources like Salesforce, SAP and others by deploying the power of Google Cloud Cortex Framework’s packaged data modeling content directly from the GrowthLoop application.
  • Segmentation: Using GrowthLoop’s direct integration with BigQuery, build audiences in a user-friendly drag and drop interface, or simply use natural language to create audiences leveraging the power of Vertex AI capabilities directly with Marve on your newly combined data. 
  • Activation: Sync your customer segments across your current marketing tools for email, SMS, push notification and paid media to run onboarding, upsell, cross sell, and winback campaigns. Orchestrate journeys over time in GrowthLoop’s easy to use journey builder to give customers a seamless experience with your brand. 
  • Measurement: Review your launched campaigns using data visualization from Looker to evaluate success, or where you might need to adjust.

“We created Easy Button to enable Marketers to leverage the power of the data cloud and Generative AI–even if they don’t have their data in the cloud today,” said GrowthLoop co-founder Chris Sell. “We’re often asked how companies can take advantage of the data cloud and generative AI to do smarter marketing–our goal is to give them everything they need to get started with an end to end solution within hours instead of months.”

“We're committed to helping customers unlock the value and potential of their data quickly,” said Gerrit Kazmaier at Google Cloud. “By powering solutions from our partners like GrowthLoop, we're enabling customers to take even more meaningful action from their data, and equipping them with the power of Google’s intelligent data cloud alongside partner platforms.”


Easy Button is now available.


About GrowthLoop:

GrowthLoop is a leading provider of AI-powered marketing software solutions. Its flagship products Audience Builder, Maestro Journey Orchestration, and Marve Generative AI for Marketing empower companies to turn their customer data into actionable insights, driving growth and enhancing customer experiences. For more information about GrowthLoop, visit:

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