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Customer Journeys Fueled by the Modern Data Stack: Introducing Maestro

Introducing the first cross-channel orchestration tool for the modern data stack.

Chris Sell

Chris Sell

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of GrowthLoop Maestro - the first customer journey builder built for the modern data stack. Maestro is a fully composable solution and can be added to your existing marketing suite, unlocking the ability to create customer journeys across the channels your marketing teams use today.

For years, marketers have been promised a world where they have a single view of their customer and the ability to easily communicate with them across channels. But marketing technology has failed to deliver on this promise.

As a former marketer myself, I’ve experienced the pain firsthand. Crafting a communication sequence for customers across email, push notifications, and paid media, and measuring the resulting impact took 3+ months of project management coordination.

This isn’t due to a lack of technology. There has been an explosion of marketing cloud and customer data platform (CDP) options to choose from over the past decade all promising cross channel conversations with customers. So, what is missing? 

To answer this question, we went back to basics. We noticed the common pain point across each step in the process of creating a cross channel customer journey is that marketing tools lack access to trustworthy and comprehensive customer data. Marketing tools today are akin to highly advanced spaceships with no reliable fuel source. As marketers, this lack of trustworthy customer data in marketing tools impacts our ability to engage with customers and drive results for the business.

With Maestro, we set out to enable marketers to run cross channel marketing journeys fueled by all of their customer data. To do this successfully, we knew we needed to abide by two key principles: 

1) Orchestrate and empower the existing marketing stack: Any solution must enable marketers to continue to use the tools they know and love to communicate with customers (Marketo, Braze, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google Ads, etc). In other words, the solution should serve as “conductor” of the existing orchestra.

2) Customer journeys require the most reliable data: Any solution must have the best possible fuel source. Ideally the source where the most trustworthy customer data is actively relied upon in an organization. 

To address our first principle, we knew how important it would be for enterprise companies to bring capabilities quickly to an existing marketing suite. So, we designed Maestro to be fully composable. It is purpose built to be dropped in and orchestrate journeys across any marketing tools already existing in your organization today. This means you can get up and running faster, and start orchestrating customer journeys across existing tools within days.

To address our second principle, we went on a quest to find the most reliable customer data source. We found what we were looking for in the Modern Data Stack (Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Databricks). 

Enterprise companies are adopting the Modern Data Stack for their customer analytics to produce crucial operational and executive reporting to make decisions. It is fast becoming a universal data layer to model, share, and report on critical customer data. Chances are your company is using the Modern Data Stack for decision making today. With active reports going to executives and operational teams every day, the data in the Data Cloud is standardized and maintained with defined SLAs to maintain trust and accuracy. Because the Data Cloud is the single source of truth in an organization, we decided this is the perfect fuel for the future of cross channel marketing.

We believe this is what makes Maestro truly groundbreaking. It is directly integrated into your marketing analytics stack in the Data Cloud. This will enable a completely new set of capabilities to the Composable Marketing Stack where marketers can both target and measure the impact of their customer journeys. Now marketing teams will be able to target customers across marketing channels leveraging a single, comprehensive, and trustworthy source of customer data. This will unlock agility and consistency in targeting across channels for every marketing organization. Marketers will also be able to measure the impact of their journeys within minutes on the metrics that they actually care about, like revenue. This means marketing teams can make decisions faster and iterate using the metrics important to their business (good riddance opens and clicks).

Given Maestro’s innovative design, enterprises can “drop in” Maestro to their marketing stack, and instantly unlock the ability for marketers to run cross channel journeys, with the best customer data possible at their fingertips. 

Orchestrate customer journeys on the data you trust.

Orchestrate Messaging Across the Customer Lifecycle

When marketers have to worry less about trusting and finding data, they can focus more on the customer experience. With Maestro, we’re seeing marketers designing new experiences for each stage of the customer lifecycle, from trial to onboarding, cross-sell to upsell, lapse to winback programs, fueled by all of their customer data. Marketing teams can manage, visualize, and collaborate on each phase of the customer lifecycle to drive toward their key goals of increasing lifetime value and reducing churn. 

Churn Prevention and Winback

Bring your best customers back by creating a journey to re-engage inactive customers by creating targeted communication sequences across push, email, and paid media. By sending personalized messages that speak directly to their most recent interactions, purchases, and interests, you can reignite their engagement and loyalty. Strategically send win back offers based on a customer’s most recent purchase category and spend level. Additionally, gathering feedback through survey and NPS campaigns can help you identify and address pain points that may be contributing to customer churn.


Drive customers to adopt multiple products across your portfolio with a cross sell journey. Typically, organizations find that once they get customers to utilize multiple products they drastically reduce risk of churn and can increase lifetime value. With Maestro, you can create journeys that check which product a customer adopts first, how they utilize it, and use that information to make an offer for a second product that is commonly used together. Modify which products are offered based on experiment results to ensure you are coupling the right products with the right messaging to drive adoption.


Drive product led growth and increase revenue per user with an upsell journey. You can easily segment your customers based on their increased usage or adoption of advanced product features as candidates for upsell potential. Design an upsell channel journey to educate them about the benefits of higher product tiers. As they demonstrate interest you can even route them to your sales team for a more personal touch.


Maestro provides a comprehensive solution for customer acquisition journeys driving prospects to make their first paid transaction with your business. It is a common starting point to gather emails and phone numbers from a variety of sources such as newsletters, webinars, and free trial sign ups. Now you can design tailored journeys for these prospects to educate them on your products and move them down the funnel towards conversion. Once they express interest, you can even route them to sales for a demonstration.

How to get started

Because Maestro integrates into your existing marketing suite and Data Cloud you can start creating customer journeys within days of getting started. Unlike typical marketing technology there are no year long data integration roadmaps, and engineering needed. Just plug in your Data Cloud credentials, authenticate your marketing channels, and start creating your first journey. 

To get early access to Maestro, please reach out to and let us know what customer experience you are most excited to create for your organization. 

We are just getting started on this journey, no pun intended. We believe that Marketing Technology on the Data Cloud will empower marketers to create the next phase of customer experiences across any channel with more agility and insight than ever before.

Let’s go see what is possible together.

The GrowthLoop Team

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