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Bringing Enterprise-Level Privacy to Data Activation

Introducing several new features within our platform as a part of GrowthLoop’s privacy suite: PII tagging, minimum audience sizes, and more.

Katharine Toll

Katharine Toll

At GrowthLoop, it is our mission to help our customers turn their raw customer data into revenue driving programs. While companies begin to activate their customer data across channels faster from the data cloud, we believe it is absolutely essential that privacy requirements increase at the same pace. We have the opportunity to make data activation for marketing and sales more privacy conscious and compliant.

In support of this goal, last week, we officially launched several new features within our platform as a part of GrowthLoop’s privacy suite.

With these new features, your entire team can still act on your source of truth data in your cloud, now with additional privacy measures. 

Introducing PII Tagging, Minimum Audience Sizes, and New Governance Feature Enhancements

GrowthLoop’s visual Audience Builder empowers business teams to harness the full power of the data in their data warehouse. At its core, the Audience Builder increases data security by ensuring that only necessary data is transferred directly from the data warehouse to destination platforms. That means no CSV files of sensitive customer data passing between inboxes and local computers when marketers or analysts are curating customer segments for campaigns. 

GrowthLoop’s enhanced suite of privacy features provides further protections including:

  • The addition of a PII (Personally Identifiable Information) tag ensures that admins can flag sensitive customer data so that these fields are never surfaced to business users for audience filtering, insight reports, or exports. 

  • The new Minimum Audience Size feature prevents users from filtering to such a small group of customers that individual characteristics could be inferred from aggregate audience metrics.

  • This release also includes updates to our existing system of centralized governance and audience approvals, ensuring that organizations can configure a custom system of audience review and approvals to match their needs before any export is allowed to a destination.

These latest feature updates help data owners democratize data to business users without worrying about compromising the privacy of sensitive customer information.

What Do These Changes Mean for GrowthLoop Users?

These updates have already been rolled out to GrowthLoop customers and will be automatically included for new accounts. Each setting can be controlled from your “Datasets” portal in your GrowthLoop account.

Privacy and compliance in the Data Cloud will continue to be paramount for enterprise organizations looking to create a 1st Party Data strategy to grow their business. At GrowthLoop, we have invested heavily in being a leader in bringing privacy and compliance to data activation. We’re always exploring new ways to increase data protection and security for our customers, so expect more to come.

Data Privacy for All Organizations

Balancing the importance of data privacy and security with the need for actionable insights is a challenging line to navigate. With this release, we further help enterprises do just that. 

The Modern Data Stack relies on the proper organization and storage of data. With this data collection and usage, it’s critical to keep data privacy in mind. To provide some background on how we ended up here, PII is defined by the US Department of Labor as “Any representation of information that permits the identity of an individual to whom the information applies to be reasonably inferred by either direct or indirect means.” Examples of this might include full names, social security numbers, biometric information, and anything else that could trace an individual’s identity. 

Although data powers a variety of incredibly valuable use cases for businesses, maintaining the utmost confidentiality and security is critical. First and foremost, there are stringent requirements via data privacy laws around how this data can be collected, accessed, and used. We’re also in an era where cybercrime and data breaches occur often–exposing organizations to legal and financial consequences if data is mishandled or stored improperly.

With all of these potential hurdles on the horizon for businesses dealing with sensitive customer data, diligent security is no longer optional, it’s an essential business practice for all. 

We’re proud to share these updated privacy and governance features with you today that go beyond best practices. To learn more about our ongoing commitment to protecting your customer data, visit our security page or get in touch with our team today.

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