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Databricks Lakehouse

Empower anyone on your team to pull customer lists from Databricks Lakehouse, no SQL required.

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Databricks Lakehouse
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How GrowthLoop & 

Databricks Lakehouse


Databricks Lakehouse

GrowthLoop sits right on your Databricks Lakehouse. Every customer list you create in GrowthLoop runs a query on Lakehouse. Every audience you save in GrowthLoop is stored in Lakehouse. Unleash the power of Lakehouse for your business teams.

No SQL Required

Your business teams will be able to easily pull customer lists, No SQL Required. They can then export them to key destinations.

Governance in place

Governance is key. Require teams to get approval before exporting customer lists to any destinations.

No Copying Data

Your customer data stays in Lakehouse. No creating data pipelines or copying data for GrowthLoop. Customer segments created in GrowthLoop are stored in Lakehouse as well.

Analytics Access Baked In

Flywheel also stores any metrics and revenue reports on customer segments right in Lakehouse for your analytics team to use.

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Databricks Lakehouse

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Databricks Lakehouse

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