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The CDP Alternative

GrowthLoop works directly on your data cloud warehouse as a BigQuery CDP or Snowflake CDP:

- Faster time-to-value: up and running in weeks, not months
- Own your data: no black boxes or separate data pipelines
- Marketers self-serve audience creation and campaign launch

If you're currently using, or looking into, a CDP like Segment, mParticle, Tealium and others, check out GrowthLoop as an alternative.

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Create Customer Segments with No SQL Required

Now any team can build customer lists on your data warehouse and send them to marketing and sales platforms in minutes, no SQL required.

One Central Audience Hub on your Data Warehouse

Create intelligent customer segments in one central hub, activate them across marketing and sales channels, and run experiments faster on what drives revenue lift all within your Data Warehouse.

How it works Flywheel Software

Companies systematically amplify their growth when they work with GrowthLoop.

Companies that want to speak to their customers intelligently and
drive more revenue work with GrowthLoop to launch campaigns across channels faster.

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Looking for an alternative to a CDP?

Supercharge your favorite marketing and sales tools with intelligent customer audiences built using your source of truth data in the cloud.

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