Audience Builder

The core of GrowthLoop’s product offering, Audience Builder provides marketing teams with a visual segmentation interface straight from the data cloud.

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Intelligent customer audience examples


Manage access across users and configure audience approval requirements to ensure data privacy across your organization.

Intelligent customer audience examples

Measurement & Experimentation

Measure the business impact of your experiments on revenue or any metric defined in your data warehouse.

Intelligent customer audience examples

Personalization API

Personalize offers and content across your applications and website.


Transform your marketing campaigns with Maestro – the first cross-channel journey builder for your organization’s most reliable source of truth.

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GrowthLoop Maestro Journey Builder
GrowthLoop Marve Generative AI


The first of its kind, Marve allows Marketers to create audiences for their campaigns with the combined power of Generative AI, Audience Builder, and their own data warehouse.

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Easy Button

Unlock the power of BigQuery effortlessly with Easy Button from GrowthLoop. Easy Button ingests your customer data sources into BigQuery with the click of a button, giving your team access to a new universal data layer for the first time. Have the data you need to start building audiences with Generative AI, orchestrating cross-channel campaigns, and measuring the results with powerful visualizations from Looker–all in less than 24 hours.

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GrowthLoop Maestro Journey Builder

Looking to drive revenue from your data cloud?

Supercharge your favorite marketing and sales tools with intelligent customer audiences built in Snowflake, BigQuery, or Redshift.

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