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Introducing Flywheel Recipes

Flywheel Recipes suggests intelligent audience segments based on industry best practices, automatically builds them and enables sharing recipes among teammates.

Chris Sell

Chris Sell

Sophisticated companies have chosen to own their customer data layer in the data cloud. Now, they are tackling the next big challenge: how to best leverage their Customer Data Layer to drive growth. The next step in the evolution of data ownership is activating the data across marketing and sales programs that drive a better customer experience. 

Flywheel’s mission has always been to empower business teams to leverage their data cloud to drive growth faster. When we started, business teams had no way to effectively access and utilize their data cloud in their marketing programs. So, we started by creating a visual (drag-and-drop) audience builder that enables business teams to create customer segments in seconds and run automated experiments across channels. Since rolling out our visual Audience Builder, business teams have created thousands of customer segments across 30+ destinations, driving over $100 million in revenue using the Flywheel Platform. By making customer data more accessible, business teams using Flywheel are able to accelerate their activation and measurement of marketing and sales efforts across channels. 

A key part in fueling accessibility and acceleration is knowing which customer segments to target across channels. This is often more difficult than it sounds. Marketers and sales ops don’t work in the database every day, and requiring them to understand database schemas, field names, and data hygiene to leverage customer data effectively introduces friction that slows down your organization’s growth. So, we set out to answer the question: How can we eliminate the friction between marketing strategy and data-driven execution?

Flywheel Recipes

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Flywheel Recipes now available within the Audience Builder. Flywheel Recipes enables business teams to unlock customer segments based on proven segmentation strategies in minutes. Our vision is to put the collective expertise of top marketing and sales programs’ segmentation strategies for retention, cross sell, upsell, and winback programs at the business team’s fingertips to activate across channels faster than ever before. 

How to use Flywheel Recipes

Flywheel Recipes is baked into the drag-and-drop audience builder, making it easy for users to select within their existing workflow. Navigating to Audiences, and selecting New Audience opens up the visual audience builder. You now have the option to build with a recipe.

Flywheel Recipes Audience Builder

Intelligent Audience Recipe Suggestions

Instead of an endless array of templates and recipes to choose from, with Flywheel Recipes, users are shown intelligent recipe suggestions. These intelligent recipe suggestions take into account your industry, goals, and prior success as well as data points available in your data cloud. Select the recipe that works for your use case and goals.

Flywheel Recipes examples

Automated Audience Building from Recipes

Within seconds, the recipe you’ve selected will populate in the audience builder, selecting the data fields and criteria for you. From there, you can edit the fields and sync across your marketing destinations.

Share Flywheel Recipes with Teammates

Once you’ve created a winning recipe, the next natural inclination is to share that recipe with your teammates. Flywheel Recipes includes the ability to:

  • Save templates in your organization for use across teams, whether that’s an exclusion field (unsubscribe), or use cases (total_spend > $100 in first 7 days). 
  • Share your segmentation templates as starting points for every team member. 
  • Shared recipes can also serve to establish targeting guard rails, global control groups, or automatically remove opt-outs.

Flywheel Recipes empowers your business teams to unlock proven customer segments improving performance and decreasing time to market. And this is just the beginning. Enabling business teams to transform the customer experience across channels requires well-orchestrated and intelligent targeting. With Flywheel Recipes, we have laid the initial foundation to enable this future for data-driven business teams. In the coming months, we will be adding additional recipes to enable your team to leverage high-performing audience segmentation across any channel.

We’d like to thank all our customers that have provided us with feedback and helped us develop Flywheel Recipes this year, and look forward to furthering our vision together of making your customer data drive growth across channels.

Let's make the data cloud drive growth together.

The Flywheel Team

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