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Zero to CDP: A partnership to faster composable CDP adoption

Discover the game-changing Zero to CDP, a groundbreaking quick-start solution developed in partnership with Snowflake and Hakkoda, revolutionizing the implementation of composable Customer Data Platforms on the Data Cloud for accelerated time-to-value in marketing.

The Zero to CDP solution from Hakkōda, GrowthLoop, and Snowflake provides an accelerated path to adopt a composable CDP on the Data Cloud

NEW YORK, Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- GrowthLoop, a leading innovator in data-driven marketing solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of Zero to CDP, an innovative quick start solution in collaboration with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, and Hakkoda. This Zero to CDP solution empowers organizations to expedite the adoption of a composable Customer Data Platform (CDP) on the Data Cloud, eliminating traditional implementation barriers and enabling marketers to achieve faster time-to-value.

Zero to CDP solution from GrowthLoop, Snowflake, and Hakkoda

In today's dynamic business landscape, organizations are rapidly transitioning to the Data Cloud, seeking more agile and efficient solutions to manage their customer data. Yet, the timelines and engineering resources needed to support an implementation haven't accelerated to meet the increased demand from the market, causing a significant hindrance to innovation. The Zero to CDP quick start solution disrupts the status quo, offering organizations a streamlined path to adopting a composable CDP on the Data Cloud. Key features of Zero to CDP include:

Data Cloud Integration: This comprehensive solution will power initial use cases for organizations' customer data in Snowflake, making it more accessible to get started with their marketing efforts on the data cloud.

Data Ingestion: Hakkoda will provide the resources to gather and consolidate various data sources and import into the Data Cloud where it can then be modeled to fit an organization's needs.

Data Modeling and Unified Customer Profile: The consolidated data is then modeled to create a unified customer profile ensuring that all relevant customer information is easily accessible, providing a 360-degree view for the entire organization.

Self-Serve Marketing Access: Once data is integrated into the Snowflake Data Cloud, GrowthLoop empowers marketers with self-serve access. Marketers can effortlessly build audiences using the source of truth data and leverage these audiences across their existing martech tools, facilitating agile, and data-driven marketing campaigns.

Unlock generative AI Capabilities: By leveraging the Snowflake Data Cloud as the universal data layer, organizations can unlock the full potential of AI-driven insights. This not only ensures more accurate results but also guarantees brand control and enhances the security of generative AI usage within the organization.

Fast Time-to-Value: Organizations can create their first GrowthLoop audience and activate marketing campaigns quicker, with no engineering resources or lengthy implementations required to provide a significant competitive advantage.

Open and Secure Architecture: The solution is built on Snowflake's single, integrated platform, offering an open and secure architecture suitable for organizations of all sizes.

"Zero to CDP was born from our commitment to empower marketers with the capabilities of the data cloud and generative AI, irrespective of their current data infrastructure," explained Chris Sell, co-founder and co-CEO of GrowthLoop. "Frequently, we are approached with inquiries about harnessing the potential of the data cloud and generative AI to elevate their marketing strategies. Our objective is to provide them with a comprehensive solution that allows them to utilize a composable CDP within weeks, rather than waiting months to get started. This quickly gives teams the data foundation for advanced applications of generative AI and data analytics for effective marketing."

"Snowflake's mission is to help organizations mobilize their data and the Zero to CDP solution makes it simple for organizations to adopt the Data Cloud and utilize their customer data for marketing use cases with a composable CDP," said Jim Warner, Field CTO, Advertising & Marketing at Snowflake. "We've partnered with GrowthLoop and Hakkoda to increase the accessibility of the Data Cloud to marketing and business teams to drive return on their Data Cloud investment."

"We are thrilled to team up with GrowthLoop and Snowflake on Zero to CDP," explained Lee Hammond, Marketing Data Stack Leader at Hakkoda. "This solution unlocks the innovation made possible by data cloud architecture, allowing organizations to bring order to their data chaos."

The Zero to CDP solution aims to revolutionize the way organizations manage and leverage their data in the era of the Data Cloud. With a focus on speed, flexibility, and efficiency, it empowers businesses to rapidly adopt a composable CDP on the Data Cloud, unlocking the full potential of their customer data.

For more information on GrowthLoop's joint quick start solution with Snowflake and Hakkoda, please visit

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