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How Generative Marketing elevates workflows and journeys

Welcome to the era of Generative Marketing, a revolutionary application of generative AI that transcends content creation. Integrated within a Composable Customer Data Platform, it reshapes marketing teams by intelligently segmenting audiences, orchestrating journeys, crafting high-performing assets, deploying seamlessly across channels, and providing actionable insights.

Chris Sell

Chris Sell

Setting the Stage

Across the swiftly evolving marketing landscape, few developments have the potential to revolutionize the way teams work quite like generative AI. With the newfound ability to generate marketing content from social media posts to ad creative to complete blog posts with only a short prompt, many marketers are already integrating generative AI into their daily workflows. In fact, a global survey found that 88% of marketers using AI today state that the tools help them to better personalize cross-channel customer journeys.

Marketers know, however, that AI-generated content only solves one piece of the expansive puzzle–a puzzle that continues to grow in complexity. Marketing leaders tasked with driving growth for organizations through personalized marketing efforts are hungry for the next stage of this transformation.

But what if we told you that the future of generative AI doesn't just solve the marketing puzzle—it reshapes it entirely?

How Generative Marketing Revolutionizes Marketing

The horizon of generative AI in the marketing landscape extends far beyond content generation. In our conviction of its transformative potential, we’re not merely unveiling new features or launching a new product; we’re working to build an entirely new category: Generative Marketing. With our product, we are poised to fulfill the immense potential of this category.

Allow us to introduce you to Generative Marketing–a concept we firmly believe is the future mandate for marketing teams. It’s not just a tool; it’s a game-changer that will redefine and reshape how marketers do their jobs.

Generative Marketing is a brand-new application of generative AI that goes beyond content creation. It enables marketing teams to integrate the limitless potential of generative AI into their marketing toolkit.

What sets Generative Marketing apart is that it lives within a team’s Composable Customer Data Platform (CDP), directly interfacing with the data cloud–the single source of truth for an organization. For the first time, marketers can harness the full scope of their customer data, combining it with generative AI as their trusted partner. 

Generative Marketing is the key that unlocks the potential to elevate marketing teams through:

  • Target: Intelligently segment audiences.
  • Orchestrate: Recommend high-propensity journeys.
  • Create: Craft a multitude of high-performing marketing assets and creative.
  • Activate: Seamlessly deploy these assets across your customers’ preferred channels.
  • Measure: Gain actionable insights into the performance of your campaigns, allowing for real-time adjustments and data-driven decision-making.
  • Learn: Feed the learnings from campaigns back into the data cloud for further analysis.

With Generative Marketing, we’re introducing a brand-new approach that not only streamlines marketing workflows but also elevates marketing teams more than ever before. It’s not just a tool; it is a transformative force that will reshape how marketers approach their craft.

The Core Principle of Generative Marketing

At the heart of this new concept is the drive to keep marketers in the loop. Today, marketers have 100 ideas and can only execute one because technology gets in the way. 

Generative Marketing promises to eliminate technology roadblocks to empower marketers to experiment quickly. For Generative Marketing to be successful, marketers must be at the center of the process. Generative AI is there to assist, collaborate, and draft. The marketer is there to plan, review, craft a conversation, verify the narrative, and give the Generative AI consent to execute those plans.

Adaptive Progress: GrowthLoop and Industry Changes

GrowthLoop was founded with one fundamental mission: Connecting marketers to the data they need to successfully–and independently–drive growth through campaign experimentation. The inception of our flagship offering was a reaction to the conditions our co-founders experienced during their time as marketers at Google. 

Since our founding, we have continued to iterate on our products and how we serve our customers.

  • In 2017, we launched the first self-serve Marketing Audience Building interface on BigQuery.
  • In 2018, we brought self-service audience building for marketers to Snowflake.
  • In 2019, we automated experimentation to show revenue lift for any segment created in the data cloud.
  • In May, we launched the first self-service Journeys builder with a Composable Architecture, enabling marketers to create cross-channel journeys.
  • In June, we announced a rebrand to better align our organization with the value we have driven for our customers: building a loop of learning and iteration to drive growth. 
  • In September, we launched Easy Button as an easy way to centralize data in your data cloud.
  • We recently launched a joint solution with Google Cloud and Typeface, unlocking personalized, on-brand, AI-generated creative within the marketing data stack for the first time.

We are steadfastly committed to empowering marketers to elevate their work at every step in the marketing process, from audience targeting to creating journeys. The development of the new tools we are now defining as Generative Marketing is another example of our commitment to delivering solutions that address the current and future needs of our customers. 

These updates are what we believe is the key to unlocking success in the increasingly complex marketing landscape–addressing three core challenges for marketers:

  1. Accessing data that is stored in numerous siloes

    Data fragmentation across various marketing tools results in additional costs for data storage and for data teams to painstakingly stitch together data scattered across these platforms. Campaign launches are sluggish, and the dream of cross-channel personalized customer journeys remains elusive. Generative AI's true potential is stifled within isolated data silos created by disparate data trapped in various marketing tools.

    Generative Marketing rests on the same foundation we have built in the industry for the past 5 years: The Data Cloud. In the next 5 years, most organizations will orchestrate marketing directly from their data clouds.

    Generative Marketing rests on this foundation. It is the oxygen.
  1. Addressing the consumer demand for omnichannel personalization

    The COVID-19 pandemic ignited an unprecedented uptick in consumer demand for omnichannel personalization. As consumers rapidly adapted to new modes of shopping, the need for brands to provide tailored experiences across various channels became paramount.

    Generative marketing was born out of the necessity to meet these elevated expectations, ensuring that marketers can seamlessly create personalized content that resonates with individuals in the omnichannel era.

  2. Executing truly personalized campaigns and journeys

    Marketers face what we refer to as the "insurmountable math problem." Scaling teams to meet the growing demand for cross-channel personalization presents a formidable challenge. With the need to segment audiences into smaller groups for more targeted personalization, create unique customer journeys for those segments, develop customized creatives to support the increased number of campaigns, run experiments across those journeys, and measure performance across many scenarios, marketing workloads grow exponentially.

    Generative marketing steps in as a solution, alleviating the burden on marketing teams by automating complex tasks, enabling efficient scalability, and fostering agility in responding to the evolving landscape of personalized marketing. It's the answer to the daunting equation of delivering tailored content at scale in a world that demands nothing less than extraordinary precision and personalization.

How Generative Marketing Elevates the Marketing Workflow 

We recognize the challenges marketers face with current tech stacks and the increased demand for personalization. With these new features, marketing teams can now deliver more targeted campaigns faster than ever before:

Composable Customer Data Platform (CDP)

The foundation for Generative Marketing is the Composable CDP. Leveraging your current data warehousing investment without creating yet another physical copy to be secured, synced, cleansed, and maintained, the Composable CDP also facilitates the integration of your first party data to drive highly targeted campaigns. Marketers can define audiences without needing SQL and/or IT assistance. Further, cross-channel journeys can be defined for those audiences utilizing a “drag and drop” user interface that, again, does not require any technical skill or detailed understanding of the underlying channel structure. Most importantly, though, the Composable CDP is the bridge to harnessing the power of Collaborative AI.  

Collaborative AI (Marve)

On top of the Composable CDP, we’ve developed a natural language, dialog-driven AI engine that serves as an interactive “marketing assistant,” greatly accelerating the generation of different campaign elements based on the level of desired persona-specific personalization. We separate those elements into 2 logical groups; Generative Capabilities and Adaptive Capabilities. From a product perspective, we refer to our collaborative AI marketing assistant as Marve.

Generative Capabilities

Suggested Audiences

Based on customer data accessed via the CDP, as well as key insights and parameters provided by the marketer, Marve automatically generates highly granular audiences.  Those audiences can be further segmented by “persona profiles” defined and fine-tuned by the marketer, as well.

Suggested Journeys

Similarly, Marve can then recommend multiple cross-channel journeys for each audience/persona, again based on customer data, marketer input, and proven propensity models. And again, the marketer has complete control over how to utilize Marve’s recommendations.

Automated Persona-Driven Creative

Finally, through GrowthLoop’s partnership with Typeface, persona-specific content can be automatically generated targeting each audience and journey.  The marketer then has control over whether to use Marve's recommendations and can edit the recommendations before launching the campaign.

Adaptive Capabilities

As critical as the Generative Capabilities are to dramatically increasing marketing velocity, the Adaptive Capabilities are equally essential in increasing marketing agility.  Specifically, these functions exponentially increase the control, experimentation, measurement, and most importantly, the “learning” required to continuously improve campaign effectiveness.

Review & Governance

Stringent campaign and content governance is critical for a myriad of reasons spanning from regulatory compliance to brand impact. As such, user access is tightly controlled, and approval processes may be configured to ensure data privacy and brand standards are maintained across your organization.

Automated Experimentation & Measurement

As highlighted previously, the level of experimentation required to support persona-centric campaigns across multiple segments, journeys, creative assets, and channels quickly exceeds the traditional “brainstorming” capabilities of any marketing team. Given that, the platform generates and executes the bulk of the recommended experiments and metrics. As in the case of suggested audiences and journeys, though, the marketer can add, modify, or delete experiments and metrics based on their qualitative understanding of the campaign’s objectives.

Continuous Learning

And finally, the most important aspect of the Adaptive Capabilities is the ability to feed the results of both the experiments and the live campaigns back into the Collaborative AI Marketing Assistant to continuously improve ALL of the recommendations generated by Marve. And as in all other cases, the marketer not only benefits from this performance insight, but can augment the automated learning with their own analysis and conclusions.

The GrowthLoop™ 

This closed-loop system of leveraging Collaborative AI to generate audiences, journeys, and creative, combined with the adaptive capabilities of configurable governance, automated experimentation, and automated learning - all feeding back into the Collaborative AI engine - is what we refer to as "the GrowthLoop."

We believe that GrowthLoop’s Composable CDP now provides a practical roadmap for 1) bridging existing marketing silos while preserving prior investments in those systems, 2) accelerating a company’s implementation of generative AI to 10x their marketing impact, and 3) finally delivering on the long-held promise of frictionless, cross-channel, persona-specific experiences, ultimately driving higher customer acquisition, retention, wallet-share, and revenue growth.

The Benefits for Teams

The addition of new generative AI features within our product opens up a new world of possibilities for marketers. Generative Marketing acts as a marketing partner every step of the way:

Increase marketing speed and output

With the help of Generative Marketing functionality, teams can now generate audiences and build cross-channel journeys in a fraction of the time. 

Scale personalization

Generative Marketing unlocks the ability to produce more refined audience segments–knowing that you have support every step of the way, from segmentation to campaign launch. 

Rely on the power of your data

GrowthLoop’s partnerships with Data Cloud providers Google Cloud and Snowflake allow marketing teams to tap into their organization’s single source of truth. This data enriches Generative Marketing, resulting in increased campaign performance.

Experiment faster, grow faster

For the first time ever, marketers now have a tool that allows them to test any campaign with personalized creative–expanding horizons for a vast number of campaigns that may never have seen the light of day.

How to Get Started

Generative Marketing, while a new concept, addresses many of the core challenges marketers face today. By mobilizing generative AI in an end-to-end solution within the marketing tech stack, we believe teams will experience a transformation that results in growth to an exponential degree.

To learn more about Generative Marketing and how we can help you build your growth loop, contact our sales team for a demo.

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