Build Your Own Composable CDP on BigQuery With GrowthLoop

Build Your Own Composable CDP on BigQuery With GrowthLoop

Do you need help with the data gap in your marketing efforts? Ready to reclaim your time for experimentation, iteration, and growth? Discover the solution you've been waiting for with our eBook.

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Build Your Own Composable CDP on BigQuery With GrowthLoop

Build Your Own Composable CDP on Google Cloud BigQuery

In today's marketing landscape, leveraging first party data is no longer an option; it's a necessity. With the constant evolution of channels and increasing consumer demand for authentic interactions with brands, data has become the key to crafting personalized customer journeys. The real question is not whether to use first-party data but how to do it efficiently.

Historically, marketers have solved this problem with one of two solutions: traditional marketing clouds and customer data platforms (CDPs). They offer incredible capabilities for reaching your audience, but they share a fundamental weakness – the data gap. Both require an additional, often less comprehensive copy of customer data to be hosted on a third-party platform, leading to slower time-to-value and increased data storage costs.

1. Understand the Customer Platform Ecosystem: Learn about the traditional marketing clouds and CDPs, their strengths, and their limitations. Get insights into how these platforms have evolved and why the data gap has become unsustainable as your business scales.

2. Introducing GrowthLoop's Composable CDP on BigQuery: Discover a groundbreaking solution to bridge the data gap. Our self-serve platform on Google BigQuery offers the features you need to supercharge your growth, using all your company's data effectively.

3. Real Success Stories: Hear from customers like Mercari and the Boston Red Sox, who have transformed their marketing with our composable CDP. Learn how they overcame the data gap and achieved remarkable results.

4. Take Action: Find out how to contact our team to assess your data needs and create an action plan to unlock your business's full potential.

Don't let the data gap hold you back any longer. It's time to focus on what you do best – marketing. Download our eBook and revolutionize how you use your first-party data with GrowthLoop's Composable CDP on Google BigQuery. 

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Build Your Own Composable CDP on BigQuery With GrowthLoop

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