Make your Cloud Data Warehouse Drive Revenue

with the Customer Segmentation Platform built for your cloud.

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Free your Data Team from Marketing Pipelines

No more pulling lists and maintaining countless data pipelines for each marketing and sales tool. GrowthLoop enables your data team to focus on building intelligent ML driven customer segments in your Cloud Data Warehouse and send them wherever they are needed.

Empower your marketing team
to test faster with data they need

GrowthLoop suggests intelligent customer segments and automatically splits them into treatment and control groups enabling your marketing teams to test rapidly and find the right answers to drive lift.

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By deploying on your data warehouse, your engineers have full access to data at every step in the development tools they love to use.

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Show the revenue
your data cloud is driving

You invest heavily in your Cloud Data Warehouse. Why aren't you showing your CEO the revenue it is driving? Our experiment framework enables your team to visualize revenue uplift across customer segments so you can.

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Avoid SAAS
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Your organization's marketing and sales technology requirements are always changing. Your data stack should empower you to adds tools, and activate channels without months of re-work and engineering roadmaps. Now you can replicate your customer profiles and segments at the speed your organization changes.

Solutions for...

Target your ideal customer
- Intelligent Seed
- Customer Segments
- Reduce CAC
- Increase LTV
Reduce CAC by 15%+ with intelligent seed segments.
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Keep & grow your customer base
- Intelligent Segments
- Automatically Synced to Your Platforms of Choice
- Measure Incremental Revenue Lift
Drive a 20% revenue lift with current customers through our platform.
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A single customer profile
- Visual Audience Builder
- Out-of-the-box Audience Segments
- Instant Customer Profiles
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Ready to drive revenue on your data warehouse?

Supercharge your favorite marketing and sales tools with intelligent customer audiences built in BigQuery, Snowflake, or Redshift.

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