GrowthLoop Maestro

Launch customer journeys from the data cloud.

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Orchestrate customer journeys
across marketing channels

GrowthLoop Maestro

Benefits for Teams

Streamlined Targeting Across Channels

Target customers across all marketing channels leveraging a single, comprehensive, and trustworthy source of customer data.

Create Cohesive Customer Experiences

Access a window into the entire customer lifecycle. Enable marketers to coordinate messaging sequences across channels.

Measure Marketing Revenue Impact Across Channels

Measure the impact of journey campaigns on the metrics you actually care about like revenue.

Project Manage Less, Experiment More

Enable your marketing teams to create and manage journeys, and see their impact faster all in one central hub.

No Data Integration Required

Simply connect Maestro to  your existing data cloud and get started in less than 1 week.

Make the Most of your First-Party Data

GrowthLoop is here to streamline your data-driven marketing strategies by accelerating data activation.

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