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GenAI Marketing Solution

With the GenAI Marketing Solution, enterprises can leverage generative AI to create highly customized, data-driven marketing campaigns at scale.

- Increase the number of campaigns your team can launch
- Unlock new audience targeting capabilities with GrowthLoop audience builder
- Ensure consistent brand representation and personalized content creation—without compromising data security—using Typeface
- Drive greater efficiencies with 10x content creation
- Expand your reach to additional creative channels

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Now any team can build audiences from BigQuery data, generate tailored personalized creatives and launch cross-channel customer journeys, all from one platform.

Accelerated personalized campaign execution with GenAI

Automate marketing workflows at scale, generating a complete suite of personalized creatives and launching them across multiple marketing channels and audiences at once. Finally achieve personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns, at scale with GenAI.

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