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Benefits for Retail Teams

Don't just bridge the data gap, cross it

Close the divide between customer insights and marketing campaigns and turn your data into personalized retail campaigns at scale.

Unlock Generative AI for your marketing

Prompt Marve, our collaborative AI assistant, and watch hyper-personalized, data-backed audience segments magically appear.

Achieve time to value in a few hours

Skip long implementation times, create a unified view of your customers, and begin activating that data across channels faster than ever before.

Reach your buyers everywhere

Orchestrate omnichannel journeys and connect with your audience on all their favorite platforms while feeding results back into your data cloud.

Mercari increased ROI with data-backed marketing campaigns

Mercari leveraged a data-driven approach with GrowthLoop to create targeted campaigns based on predictive models built with Google Cloud BigQuery.

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Better Together
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Make the Most of your First-Party Data

GrowthLoop is here to streamline your data-driven marketing strategies by accelerating data activation.

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