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Drive revenue from your cloud data warehouse

Now anyone in your company can create customer segments in your data warehouse and activate them everywhere.

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Free your data team

No more pulling lists and maintaining countless data pipelines for each marketing and sales tool. GrowthLoop lets your data team focus on building intelligent machine learning-driven customer segments in your cloud data warehouse, and send them where they’re needed.

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Test fast, grow faster

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Fully compatible with the tools your marketing and sales teams love

Stop writing and maintaining data pipelines between your data warehouse and your tools. GrowthLoop integrates your data warehouse with your favorite tools seamlessly.


Engineer tested, CTO approved

By deploying on your existing data warehouse, your engineers keep full access to data in the development tools they love to use, and can even contribute to audience building. Nothing moves but your profit.

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Companies systematically amplify their growth when they work with GrowthLoop

Companies that want to speak to their customers intelligently and
drive more revenue work with GrowthLoop to launch campaigns across channels faster.

“As Fenway Sports Group continues to evolve, we see our data prowess and the extensible architecture we’ve built with GrowthLoop as an asset that new FSG Media & Entertainment properties can tap into to support their growth and evolution”

Brian Shield, CTO | SVP Fenway Sports Group

“GrowthLoop activates the Snowflake Data Cloud for our marketing team, which means the Lifecycle Segmentation models developed by our Marketing Analytics team are available across our marketing channels.”

Judy Nam, VP of SMB Marketing at Indeed

“Our sales team refers to the Audience Builder as the GrowthLoop Lead machine”

Jon Hay, Vice President Data, Intelligence & Analytics, Boston Red Sox

"GrowthLoop is a key partner for us that drives innovation with new Cloud solutions across the growth marketing stack. GrowthLoop not only brings Google Cloud and machine learning to the table, but also the product strategy that helps our team execute on massive marketing initiatives that matter.”


"GrowthLoop is truly an accelerator for our business, empowering marketers to drive growth while freeing up our data team to focus on advanced analytics."

Braden Moore​, VP Data & AnalyticsHarris Blitzer Entertainment

Ready to activate your data warehouse?

Supercharge your favorite marketing and sales tools with intelligent customer audiences built in BigQuery, Snowflake, or Redshift.

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